Vision™ Load Port Module

Brooks is the world’s largest semiconductor automation supplier and the inventor of LPM technology. Brooks has shipped load port modules to every semiconductor fab across the globe. Our load port modules provide ultra-clean performance and superior load port to FOUP interoperability to meet the stringent requirements of today’s semiconductor manufacturers. Brooks load port modules minimize cost and complexity by leveraging capabilities readily available in other portions of the process tool. Plus, they provide all of the necessary status and control interfaces and hardware safety interlocks to help ensure safe, efficient, and ultra-clean loading and unloading of wafers to and from the process tool.

Data Sheet

The Vision™ Load Port is the latest generation of load port modules from Brooks.  It is an intelligent and flexible factory interface module for tool automation that supports superior reliability and ultra-clean performance. Unlike LPMs that require substantial lead time for set-up and integration, the Vision Load Port is designed for maximum interoperability, seamless interchangeability, and ease of configuration. It is compatible with all SEMI-compliant Front Opening Unified Pods (FOUP) and automated Front Opening Shipping Boxes (FOSB) delivered manually or via AMHS vehicles.

Expanding upon the technological innovation and domain expertise built into the Brooks widely installed FIXLOAD™ product line, Vision load port modules deliver the ultimate in manufacturability and reliability.

Key Features

  • 300mm and 450mm capability on one common architecture
  • Local color LCD interface for fab-specific configuration with the touch of a button
  • Kinematic mounting system for one-time height and level adjustment
  • End-of-line configurable options, including carrier ID, mapping, and E84, for reduced lead times
  • Servo motion control for reduced facilities requirement and higher reliability
  • BOLTS and FIXLOAD compatibility
  • MCBF of >500,000 cycles