SMIF-INX Indexers

SMIF-INX products are designed to supply wafer indexing for fixed Z-axis wafer handlers or cassette positioning to a fixed plan for Z-axis wafer handlers. With an installed base of over 15,000 units, the SMIF-INX has proven its versatility, functionality, and reliability. Contamination control benefits of the SMIF system are well documented and reveal how the latest generation INX 2200 EP provides a substantial increase in die yield for fabs. Indexers meet SEMI E15 and E19 specifications and are CE certified.

Maximum Productivity & Profitability

  • The internal PTFE-ULPA filtration system maintains a better than ISO Class 3 environment.
  • SMIF-INX mounts directly into the process tool.
  • DC Servo control with position feedback provides high-speed wafer indexing with minimal impact on tool cycle time ensuring positioning accuracy of ±0.005 inches (0.127mm).
  • Patented laser-based sensing system provides precision wafer and slot location, wafer position mapping, cross-slotted wafer detection, and sensing of protruding wafers and automatic reseating.
  • Quick disconnect assembly offers easy maintenance.