Spartan™ Sorters

The unified wafer management system gives the Spartan™ Sorter the minimum scale and complexity required to accomplish its core job – to move wafers as cleanly and as quickly as possible. The Spartan Sorter offers improved reliability and maximized efficiency, while delivering industry-leading cleanliness with the lowest particle levels.

Ease of set-up and serviceability are key attributes of the Spartan Sorter. The Sorter’s simple, scalable architecture is easy to service and maintain. Fully compliant with SEMI standards, the Spartan Sorter is available in several options to support various sorting applications.

Maximum Productivity & Profitability

  • Features an optimized mini-environment for best-in-class cleanliness with better than ISO Class 1 performance.
  • Dual, ultra-thin edge-grip wafer handling achieves fast swap time performance for the most demanding applications
  • Rectilinear-motion wafer engine provides simpler, more reliable, easier setup and troubleshooting
  • Flexible, configurable design and advanced software support reduced cycle times and allow easy integration, serviceability and maintainability.

The Spartan Sorter delivers industry-leading particle performance – combined with low cost of ownership, driven by its high reliability, serviceability and maintainability. With more than 1,200 systems installed in high volume manufacturing applications, the Spartan Sorter is a proven platform for wafer handling.