RS Bare Reticle Stocker Family

The RS family provides a fully automated reticle management system that combines a sorter with a stocker capacity up to 2900 reticles on a minimal footprint. The reticles are safely stored in Tec-Cell© modules ensuring an ISO class 1 micro environment with optional N2/xCDA purge.

The RS family supports a variety of different reticle cassettes including SMIF multi-pods (MRSP), SMIF mono-pods (RSP) as well as Nikon and Canon reticle cassettes.

Data Sheet

  • Ensures reticle management and traceability
  • Particle Detection System reduces lithography rework
  • Increased scanner/litho cell uptime
  • Reduced reticle rework costs
  • Reticle is protected from chemical contamination, haze & crystal growth
  • Increased number of exposures result in an extended reticle life time
  • Highest storage density
  • Fully automated reticle handling
  • Reliable, safe handling reduces reticle, pellicle damage
  • Low cost of ownership (COO)
  • Low purge gas consumption (0.375 slpm/reticle)