RXi Reticle Inspection, Sorting and Storage Platform

The RXi is a fully automated standalone inspection system for 6” reticles many options including Particle Detection System (PDS), Macro Inspection Unit (MIU), Air knife – particle blow off station and Reticle Rotary Unit.

The RXi system supports reticle storage, retrieval and transfer between a variety of reticle carrier types. The high throughput RXi optimizes the scanner/stepper utilization.

The RXi is suitable for a variety of tasks:

  • Incoming inspection
  • Fast automated qualification between process cycles
  • Substitute mask handling by operators for manual inspection
  • Defect inspection between process steps

Key Features

  • No scanner idle time; defined reticle arrives safe, on time, correctly orientated, clean with controlled quality.
  • Decision maker due to inline particle detection, inspection without impacting scanner throughput
  • Fully automated reticle handling, defined inspection procedures
  • Reliable, safe handling prevents reticle and pellicle damages and human mistakes
  • Checks quality over reticle life time
  • Verifies quality reticle delivery at all times